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Wish i could understand anything they're saying


These characters are just way too cute

Adorable! The sound design is great.

Thank you!

19 on my first try. I was surprised how quickly I could pick up some of the orders! Great music. Great visuals. Great music and sounds. Really enjoyed it!

The sheep who asks for tea is my favorite!

Great graphics, reminds me of the Golden book series with an almost water colour look and feel.

The Golden book series wasn't a direct inspiration, but I am glad as it shares a general mood that I wanted represented in my game. So! Thank you Jmation!

Well, this is a cute little game!

Thank you pianotm!

This reminded me of the animal crossing coffee mini-game. I loved it!

It's not a coincidence, Animal Crossing is one of my favorite games! Thank you! ♡

Liked it!

Thank you! ♡